• *Sold Out* Dive Raja Ampat about the Arenui

*Sold Out* Dive Raja Ampat about the Arenui

*Sold Out*

February 1-12, 2024
$7,480/diver, surcharge: $540

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Dive Raja Ampat *Sold Out*

Don’t miss this incredible adventure diving aboard the Arenui
February 1-12, 2024
surcharge: $540

Arenui – Indonesia’s boutique liveaboard experience!
This incredible dive adventure includes:

  • 11-nights PPDO (per person double occupancy) aboard the luxurious Arenui liveaboard
  • 10-days of boat diving (up to 4 dives/day, including night dives)
  • Cruise and dive one of the best kept secrets for diving in paradise
  • Includes several unique land tours, including the traditional village of Bena
  • 5 meals daily prepared by internationally trained chefs
  • Experience the Arenui’s vision of truly exceptional service

Aboard the Arenui, you can combine world-class dive sites with a truly relaxing and luxurious experience.Located in the heart of The Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is known to have the richest coral reef ecosystem in the world, with an unrivaled diversity and abundance of marine life. The area of the Four Kings is comprised of over 1500 islands and home to 600 types of corals, 1,500 fish species and over 600 types of mollusks. Yes, you can have it all - diving cruises without compromise! www. thearenui.com Join us for an incredible adventure! A $1,000 deposit required. All deposits are non-refundable. For more details or to sign up, contact us at (408) 244-4433.

*There will be a 4% convenience fee for payment via credit card.

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