Dive Club

Any Water Dive Center is also partnered with Monterey Bay’s largest active dive club - Underwater Voyagers. What started as a group of friends meeting after work a few nights a week back in 2016, has turned into a vibrant dive club comprised of over 400 members! In many ways, it is still the same group of friends who started this in 2016, there are just so many more friends to dive with now.

Underwater Voyagers runs weekly night dives, and weekend day dives. The weekly night dives alternate between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. The weekend dives alternate between Saturday and Sunday. You can see our published dive schedule below. Please note that all dives are subject to conditions - and therefore might be canceled or re-scheduled accordingly. Underwater Voyagers is open to all divers of all abilities and experience. From fresh out of open water, to instructors with years of experience, everyone is welcome!

How to Join Underwater Voyagers:

  1. Pay club dues: $45 per year
  2. Come on into the shop and say hi (if you haven’t already!)

Benefits to being a member of Underwater Voyagers:

  1. Complementary air fills on club dives
  2. Up to a 10% in-store discount. This discount does not apply to lead or electronics or price protected items.
  3. Meet lots of local divers! You will immediately gain lots of new dive buddies.

September Club Updates

This month we are excited to annouce that our Speciality of the Month will be Dive Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) also known as underwater scooters! We will be hosting this Speciality on September 18th AND 19th. It is a one day, 2 dive course. We can only accomodate up to 4 divers each day - on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested, we suggest emailing or calling as soon as possible to reserve your spot. We are offering over 25% off the course for club members with tuition, bookwork, PADI certification processing fee and DPV rental. For club pricing or questions, please give us a call. 

We will also be running another Kelp Forest Restoration course this month on September 18th. We have had lots of interest in this course and want to get all the folks who are interested in this project involved.

Friday (9/17) 7:30pm-9:00pm & Saturday (9/18) 7:00am-2:00pm

This PADI Specialty is designed to familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge and procedures to restore kelp forests. Currently, this specialty is specific to a site that is part of a Reef Check California program to understand kelp forest dynamics and restoration feasibility. As part of this program, Reef Check is working to train divers to help the program grow and develop.

In this course, you will develop knowledge of urchin anatomy and behavior kelp dynamics, safe diving in urchin barrens and kelp forests and basic urchin culling methods. This course is comprised of a knowledge development section (done the night before) followed by 2 dives the next day. Included in the cost of the course is the use of diver propulsion vehicles (underwater scooters!), by the instructors, to help tow students out to the dive site, as it is a lengthy swim from shore. 

For course tuition, please give us a call. Other materials that you are required to have for this course include:

  • a CA fishing license;
  • a welding/slag hammer;
  • underwater slate;
  • and a cutting utensil (knife, shears or line cutter)

September Club Dive Schedule

Briefings will begin at the times listed below. For efficiency, please have all of your equipment ready by the start time. If necessary, you are welcome to pick up equipment the evening before any morning dive to save time. All locations will be based on ocean conditions and the number of divers present. Please note that you are still welcome to join night dives even if you are not Night Diver certified. We are happy to brief you on the skills needed to dive safely at night. 

Sunday 9/5 @ 8am

Wednesday 9/8 @ 6pm

Saturday 9/11 @ 8am

Thursday 9/16 @ 6pm

Sunday 9/19 @ 8am

Wednesday 9/22 @ 6pm

Saturday 9/25 @ 8am

Thursday 9/30 @ 6pm