Dive Club

Any Water Dive Center is also partnered with Monterey Bay’s largest active dive club - Underwater Voyagers. What started as a group of friends meeting after work a few nights a week back in 2016, has turned into a vibrant dive club comprised of over 400 members! In many ways, it is still the same group of friends who started this in 2016, there are just so many more friends to dive with now.

Underwater Voyagers runs weekly night dives, and weekend day dives. The weekly night dives alternate between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. The weekend dives alternate between Saturday and Sunday. You can see our published dive schedule on our calendar (linked here). Please note that all dives are subject to conditions - and therefore might be canceled or re-scheduled accordingly. Underwater Voyagers is open to all divers of all abilities and experience. From fresh out of open water, to instructors with years of experience, everyone is welcome!

How to Join Underwater Voyagers:

  1. Pay club dues: $45 per year
  2. Come on into the shop and say hi (if you haven’t already!)

Benefits to being a member of Underwater Voyagers:

  1. 1 FREE air card, at the start of each calendar year
  2. 10% in-store discount. This can be applied to rentals, gear etc. This discount does not apply to lead or electronics or price protected items.
  3. Meet lots of local divers! You will immediately gain lots of new dive buddies.