Equipment Service

We service the following brands of SCUBA equipment: Scubapro, Aqualung, Atomic, U.S. Divers, Aeris, Apeks,  Hollis, Oceanic, Seaquest, Sherwood, Subgear and XS Scuba. We do not provide service for Poseidon, Mares or Cressi equipment. All of our equipment servicing is done in-house, with a two week turnaround. If you need your gear done sooner, we do offer rush orders as well. As a reminder, annual servicing of SCUBA equipment is necessary in order to maintain its function.


Regulators and BCD’S Prices
First Stage Regulator $40 plus parts & tax
Primary Second Stage (or Octo) $35 plus parts & tax
Air II, Alternate Air Source (or similar) $35 plus parts & tax
BCD Service $25 plus parts & tax
Oxygen Cleaning for 1st Regulators (in addition to service) $20 plus parts & tax
Rush Fee (24hrs days) Labor is doubled
Rush Fee (2-6 days) $35


Hydrostatic Test (Add $10/tank for Nitrox fills (EAN32) or corresponding charges for special gas blends) $60 plus parts & tax
Visual Inspection  $20 plus parts & tax
Visual Inspection-Nitrox Premix (w/Nitrox sticker) $28 plus parts & tax
Visual Inspection Rush (Same Day) $30 plus parts & tax
Visual Inspection-Doubles(includes doubles breakdown) $75 plus parts & tax
Tumble (Two-hour/Overnight) $20/$25
O2 Servicing $35
Valve Overhaul $10 plus parts & tax


Oxygen Cleaning SCUBA Cylinders (in addition to hydro or VIP charges)  
Annual Maintenance Cleaning  
Single w/ Valve $20 plus parts & tax
Double’s w/ Manifold $45 plus parts & tax
Oxygen Upgrade  
Single w/ valve $35 plus parts & tax
Double’s w/ manifold $85 plus parts & tax
Oxygen clean valve only $15 plus parts & tax
Oxygen clean manifold only $35 plus parts & tax
Tank Hydro and clean $70 /tank plus parts & tax


Drysuit Service Prices
Inlet Valve Replacement (valve pricing not included) $20
Exhaust Valve Replacement (valve pricing not included) $20
Installation of p-valve (if customer supplied) Installation fee waived if p-valve purchased at AWDC $45
Leak/Pressure Test/Suit Evaluation $100
Seam Leaks (per 6”) $30
Polymer Repair (Holes)
Up to 6 holes/punctures
6-11 holes/punctures
12-20 holes/punctures
Latex Wrist Seals $90
Latex Neck Seal (Remove & Replace) $111


A leak/pressure test is required in order to locate and repair seams and holes. Standard completion time is dependent upon the amount of service required, availability of parts, and workload. Rush fee, if applicable, is $100. All suits requiring repair or service must be delivered clean and dry or additional cleaning charges will be incurred.


Warranty Service
All service is performed in compliance with the Manufacturer’s Specification and Requirements.
All Services are warranted for 90 days.
No refunds for service labor or parts.